The left side of the slide includes the following text: Rebranding & Design system. Corporate design based on the principles of minimalism, usability, accessibility and neomorphic aesthetic for a FinTech company building a greenfield Open Banking product.  The right side of the slide shows the primary colors - purple and cyan. Below there is an example of a gradient primary button with text.
Text on slide. Role: UX/UI designer. Responsibilities: company rebranding, design system, marketing support, website redesign. Tools: Figma, Adobe CC, Microsoft Office
Purple to cyan gradient on the background. Big white letters read “Branding”
Dark slide with start in the background. Text on slide: Principles.  • Minimalism — don’t overcomplicate the design if it’s not neccesssary • Usability — convey information in an easily digestible / usable way • Neumorphism  — follow the neomorphic aesthetic • Accessibility  — in pursue of minimalism and neumorphism, don’t lose accessibility
Light gray slide with colors. Primary - purple. Secondary - cyan. Grayscale palette: off-black, white, background gray, light gray, dark gray.
Typography example. Title: Open Banking. Font: Proxima Nova Bold Body: Greater financial transparency options for account holders ranging from open data to private data. Font: Proxima Nova Light  Subheading in purple: Optipay Additional body text: We help businesses to establish data-based ecosystems to drive customer satisfaction and revenue.
Banner examples
Merchandize examples. On the left side of the slide: a photo two men wearing purple hoodies with a small circular logo in the left side of the chest. On the right side of the slide: a photo of colorful purple and cyan stickers with optiopay logo.
Laptop mockup with the landing page
Purple to cyan gradient on the background. Big white letters read “Design system”.
Color palette chart featuring a range of color swatches with names and hex codes for gradients, primary, secondary, alert, and various grays.
Graph showing progressive scale enlargement from very small to larger square icons, labeled from 2x2 to 40x40, in a sequential layout.
Typography guide featuring various font styles and sizes of the Roboto typeface, with specifications for heading and body text.
A digital graphic showing a collection of icons. The top row includes five different icons at 48x48 pixel size, and the bottom row shows a smaller version of icons at 36x36 pixel size.
Examples of button designs from the design system, including various states such as "unselected," "selected," "alert," "primary," and "disabled" with different colors and styles, including measurements and effects.
Examples of card designs from the optiopay design system.
Success animation. Check mark appears in a circle and rocket flies out of it. Stars move around the circle on the purple-cyan gradient background.