Quarteera logo in bold letters


This project included rebranding, website redesign, ongoing design support for multiple projects and events, design for print & social media, mentoring, workshop facilitation, and design quality control all over the course of 3+ years.

2020 - 2023

Brand identity
General branding + socials. Black and white line-art illustrations of queer couples. Key principles: 1. White space balance 2. Shapes inspired by suprematism 3. Collage with black&white images 4. Contrast
Examples of social media posts
marzahn pride.svg

One of the most recognizable yearly events organized by Quarteera.

Social media post screenshot from quarteera's instagram. Shows a truck with marzahn pride banner

The goal was to create a language that could be easily carried out through the years. Similar to the original brand yet distinctive from it.

Marzahn pride truck with a banner with a 3 people in front of it
Marzahn pride stage, 2 people speaking on the microphone

Photo: Ivan Polezhaev


The project aimed to raise awareness about the issue. It was important to create a completely new visual language to make the project stand out from the other initiatives with only subtle hints of the main brand.

Example of social media posts design for quarteera


At the end of our collaboration, I coached a team of 10 design volunteers for 2 months. The coaching included an introductory Figma & branding workshop, and 2 months of mentorship with weekly design review meetings. Final documentation included an onboarding file for future volunteers.

Onboarding file in Figma

Here are just a few print materials that have been created over the years. I worked with anything from postcards, posters, trifold flyers, to huge banners and merch items.

Social media presence

Improved design and SMM increased instagram following by


Project length

Built a successful relationship and collaboration spanning over

3+ years


Successfully coached a team of

10 designers


Created unique identities for

3 sub-brands